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Club Coin Design Contest Rules

Club Coin Design Contest Rules as of 07/01/12

  • The contest will start on October 1. Contest entries must be received by either Email or US Mail no later than December 15. Entries arriving later than December 15th will not be entered in the contest.
  • The strike theme is the Anniversary for each year unless otherwise stated.
  • Any member may enter as many as six (6) different designs.
  • Previous entries may be resubmitted with the new anniversary theme.
  • Entrants may choose to have their drawings computer enhanced or leave as submitted.
  • Committee Chairperson (the Club Secretary) will select a committee of eight (8) to select the finalists. There will be a total of six (6) finalists. The Club Secretary will only vote in the case of a tie.
  • The judging of the strike design will be made at a meeting to be conducted during the January Silver Strike Tournament.
  • The finalists will be voted on by the entire membership in good standing. The finalists will be published in the newsletter and posted on the club website.
  • Voting will begin as soon as the finalists are selected or within ten (10) days from selection.
  • Voting will close 30 days after voting begins.
  • The winner will be awarded a plaque with a strike and the five other finalists will receive a new club strike at the Convention. The winner‘s initials will be displayed on the coin.
  • The strike will be minted and ready for sale by Convention time.
  • The strike will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Members must be in good standing in order to purchase a strike (restricted to one strike per member in good standing until June 1st - at that time it will be open to anyone in any amount).
  • No member may have more than one drawing in the finals.  In the event that a member has more than one in the finals with the same number of votes, that member will be able to select which drawing is eliminated.
  • No trademark infringements are allowed.
  • All drawings will become property of the club and the club shall be held harmless for omissions and errors.

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