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Mosaic of Silver Strikes

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Johnny Nolon’s Casino, Cripple Creek, CO

Last Updated: 27 March 2011

Current Strikes: Jack Dempsey (clad), Groucho Marx (clad).

Machine #1: (3-line) At the front of the casino just inside and right at the south corner door. As a person goes into the building & casino. The Silver Strike machine at the casino is of the "older style" silver strike machine.

Notes: None.

Delta Saloon Casino, Virginia City, NV

Last Updated: 03 January 2009 (verified June 28, 2014)

Current Strikes: Story County Courthouse (clad), V. & T. R.R (clad).

Machine #1: (3-line) Straight through the door it is in the back of the casino.

Notes: They WILL NOT sell strikes. They made that loud and clear to us, we had to play to win.

El Cortez Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Last Updated: 10 November 2011

Current Strikes: Bugsy Siegel (clad), Celebrating 70 Years (clad), The Parlour Bar & Lounge (clad).

Machine #1: (1-line) Right across from Club Cortez desk. In the area west (towards Fremont Street) of hotel registration.

Notes: None.

Four Queens, Las Vegas, NV

Last Updated: 07 May 2013

Current Strikes: Spring (clad), Summer (clad), Fall (clad), Winter (clad). Note: Current $300 strike (if still available, check with the casino cage).  Current Redcap and Bluecap strikes may be in the machine.

Machine #1: (1-line) Just past the Kings Bar.

Machine #2: (1-line) Near Keno Lounge.

Machine #3: (1-line) Near Keno Lounge.

Machine #4: (1-line) East side of the sports book.

Machine #5: (1-line) East side of the sports book.

Machine #6: (1-line) By Casino Cashier.

Notes: Machines 2 thru 4 grouped together.

Mirage Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Last Updated: 17 April 2014

Current Strikes: Various Terry Fator Friends (clad) Logo 1 & 2, & $300 Terry Fator and Friends Logo 2, Winston Logo 2 (clad), Duggie colorized blue capsule (clad), Hyphen colorized blue capsule (clad), Berry colorized blue capsule (clad).

Machine #1: (1-line) near the Revolution Lounge.

Machine #2: (1-line) near the Revolution Lounge.

Palazzo, Las Vegas, NV

Last Updated: 01 May 2014

Current Strikes: 2 house (clad) 1 colorized blue capsule (clad), 1 colorized red capsule, 1 #300 6oz.  Note: - same silver strike designs as the Venetian.

Machine #1: (1-line) is located right in the middle of the casino next to the Crap Tables.

Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Last Updated: 05 November 2012

Current Strikes: 1969 Cougar Eliminator Car (clad), 1969 Hurst 442 Oldsmobile Car (clad), 1971 Formula 400 Car (clad), 1965 GT 350 (clad), 1970 Firebird (clad), 1970 454 SS Car (clad), 1970 454 SS Blue Car (clad) Blue capsule, 1970 454 SS Blue Car (clad) Blue capsule, 1967 427 Roadster (clad) & 1967 427 Roadster Red Car (clad) Blue capsule.

Machine #1: (1-line) To the right of FireLight Buffet Entrance. Machine was out of order but filled with strikes. Removed as reported 09 Aug 2013.

Machine #2: (1-line) As you walk along the isle into the casino from the front door. You come to a isle intersection. That looks like a street intersection - machine is against a big post at the top right corner of this isle intersection.

Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

Last Updated: 26 June 2014

Current Strikes: 2 house (clad) 1 colorized blue capsule (clad), 1 colorized red capsule, 1 #300 6oz.  Note: - same silver strike designs as the Palazzo.

Machine #1-3: (1-line) is located near Bourbon Room and Rock of Ages stage. Facing Bourbon room the machines are directly behind you.

Machine #4: (3-line) is located right next to The Food Court. Facing food court Cocolini sign machine is directly behind you.