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*If you have new news events on Silver Strikes please email the Club Webmaster.  Please note that items of a rumor type will only be included with a *rumor* statement attached to it. Always looking for news items about upcoming strikes, so if you have contact with a Slot Manager or similar casino personnel please have them email the Club Webmaster directly. The better the contact database is the better the information is for all the Silver Strikers.

Hot News 07-28-2020

Four Queens Halloween Strikes

There will not be a Halloween 2020 silver strike release this year (COVID19).

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 06-18-2020A

Coushatta Casino Strike Approvals

25th Anniversary


Mardi Gras

Tribe Design

Denny Garcia
Dynasty Games-702-498-6734 (Vegas).

Hot News 06-18-2020

Silver Strike Machines Coushatta Casino, Kinder, Louisiana

The three Silver Strike games were delivered to the Coushatta Casino in Kinder Louisiana on 6-15-20 with Gaming Tokens.

Games went live on their slot floor today 6-17-20. Getting good play.

Coushatta Casino
Slot Director-Warren Davidson
Slot Shift Manager-Days-Joseph (Jody) Savant

If you go please introduce yourself-Warren and Jody say “Welcome”.

Denny Garcia
Dynasty Games-702-498-6734 (Vegas).

Hot News 06-06-2020

The Strike Point & Chip Message Boards Update

Friday June 5th - Strike Point Message Board up and running but crashed again a few hours later.

Saturday June 6th - Strike Point Message Board up and running once again for now.

UPDATE JUNE 5TH FROM: David Spragg (lives in the UK) BBS Message Board Admin Right now I don't know if the problem is fixed or not. I've got the BB's back online for testing only.

The server has been running since 10a.m. this morning my time so I spent 8 hours backing it up in its entirety in case I have to move to a replacement box.

Worst case anything posted between now and when it crashes for good will be lost.

I do have an automated incremental backup which runs every morning at 10 my time but this is not a complete backup (obviously, as a full one takes 8 hours). So theoretically the only data loss would be anything posted between the last incremental backup and crash time.

So right now I am just leaving it up to see what happens.

Server company has already given me a 'spare' server for 3 months so if I do have to move it should only take me a few days. If that does happen I'll put the redirect to my message that's been there the past few days back on again, but if it crashes while I'm asleep I can't do much until the a.m.

Al Varelas SS-1654
HOF - SOTY Committee Chair

Hot News 06-05-2020

The Strike Point & Chip Message Boards

As Of June 4, 2020
Info From Dave Spragg - Admin For Our BBS Message Board .....
Having a major hardware issue with the server right now, affecting all BB's including The Strike Point & Chip Message Boards.
He will update as soon as more information is available .

Al Varelas SS-1654
HOF - SOTY Committee Chair

Hot News 04-10-2020A

Four Queens June Tournament Postponement

Click here to read notice

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 04-10-2020

Four Queens Silver Strike Ideas

2020 Nose Cone Beauties, nothing approved yet, just ideas.

D-Day Doll

Diamond Lil

Hello Sailor

Memphis Bell

Night Rescue

Sweet Lorraine

Yellow Rose

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Sad News 04-06-2020

Robert Hammes Passing

Robert Hammes added to the club memorials page.  Click the Silver Strikers Memorials link on the left side of the home page.

Jo Riefer, CHSS-33
Club Coin Co-Chair

Hot News 04-02-2020

Club Coin Order Form

Click link at the top right of this page.


Hot News 02-27-2020

Play, Banquet, & Awards Pictures

Click here for pictures by Gabe Dobos, SS-703


Hot News 02-18-2020

Four Queens March 2020 Strike Approvals

January 2020 strike approvals. Design sides only.

If the above link doesn't work paste the below link into your web browser:

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 02-02-2020

On-line voting for club coin and HOF-SSOY

Click the appropiate link at the top right of the page to vote.


Hot News 01-13-2020

Plaza Casino Free Play for Silver Strikers

Click here Information.


Hot News 01-09-2020

Plaza Casino New Strikes

Bronco Rider - Plaza/Hotel/Casino/Bingo
Casino/Train - Plaza/Hotel/Casino/Bingo
Slot Machine & Coins - Plaza/Hotel/Casino/Bingo
Casino - Plaza/Hotel/Casino/Bingo

Should be in play on the 15th of January.

Click here for the 4 new strikes to be released.

Warren Schaefer, SS-185

Hot News 09-10-2019

Four Queens Tournament & Strike Release Dates for 2020

Tournament January 24-26, 2020.  $300 release Saturday, January 25, 2020, at 5 PM.

St. Patrick's Day $300 release, Friday March 13, 2020, at 10 AM.

Tournament June 12-14, 2020.  $300 release Saturday, June 13, 2020, at 5 PM.

Halloween $300 release, Friday October 30, 2020, at 10 AM

Shaun Webster, SS-1093